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The Java Posse Roundup was great this year, just like every year.

Lion (386)
Apple's new OS, Mac OS X 10.7, Lion clearly shows where Apple is headed in the future.

A simple solution to comment spam for low-profile websites.

Porting my web application to Google's cloud was surprisingly easy. They've made it easy.

I've had a long and bizarre career in computers, but I've managed to be around for most of the really fun stuff.

Apple's iPad is a game changer. It opens up several new niches that neither notebooks nor netbooks are serving now. I predict it will become as ubiquitous as the iPhone in a few years.

I've watched Apple for a long time, and I think you can be sure that the new "tablet" device they are poised to release will not be merely a desktop computer in a new, smaller form factor. That's not how Apple works.

The Meggy Jr kit is fun! Easy to put together and easy to program.

In about 1961, GE was trying to talk America's youth into studying math, science and engineering. The resulting pamphlet was pretty well done.

Giant Brains! Sounds like a zombie movie, but it's actually a blast from our past.

AT&T's U-Verse service is a winner for me.

Apple used to have such great tech support. That era is over, however.

The website isn't off to much of a start.

JavaOne (3551)
JavaOne was a blast this year. The rate of technological change shows no sign of slowing down.

The idea that the US can achieve "energy independence" is both wrong and dangerous, according to Robert Bryce. I think he's right.

You never know what you're going to run into when you start reading the classics.

You have to do more than understand the language you're programming in. You also have to understand what the compiler is doing with your code.

According to a serious expert on energy generation and transmission, wind energy is a scam.

There are lots of good ways to pick secure passwords. Here are a couple you probably haven't seen before.

It's really hard to hire a good programmer. Here's my philosophy, maybe it will help.

If you thnk about it for a minute, it's obvious why the iPhone has to be a closed system. For now.

Is solar power right for you? I don't know, but the estimates provided by the Solar Electric Power Association sure seem bogus to me.

You don't have to use SSL to provide a fairly secure login to your website. Here's how to use a challenge-response scheme to get around sending passwords over the internet in clear text

As a newbie at develping Eclipse Plugins, I've learned a few things that might help other noobs

SBC's DSL promises to be fast, cheap and easy to install. The reality is not exactly the same as the promise.

The Model-View-Controller design pattern never seems to fail me.

OK, my previous method didn't work. A small tweak, however, seems to do the trick.

Comment spam is a pain in the butt, but there are ways around it that don't require too much effort.

The debate over "renewable" energy is premature. Before we look for "green" ways to generate power, we ought to quit wasting so much of the power we already generate.

Bluetooth is cool networking technology for short-range communications. Here, I implement a small program that does network discovery.

I wanted to learn J2ME programming, Bluetooth, MIDlets and all of that sort of thing. And I wanted to do it on my Mac, where I do all of my development. This is how to get started.